Welcome to Our Recent Project Archives: 2018

Location: Atlanta, GA
Intial Poject Size: 350 sqft

     After our initial meeting at the residence and one-on-one project assessment with Kathy we discovered water drainage issues next to their garage and surrounding backyard. Further discussion revealed a vision of what they wanted out of their backyard area including family time by the fire, mudfree walkways to the driveway, and-most importantly-an attractive drainage solution. Together we hammered out details including plans for a firepit, planter edging, retaining walls, concrete paver walkway and new green space for planters.

Fieldstone Firepit with F.S. Cap
  • Budget.
  • Project Scope
  • Clients' Needs 
  • Water Drainage
  • Keeping Site Orderly and Clean to Allow for Continous Driveway & Garage Use
  • Proposed Backyard Design Concepts

To bring our clients’ desire for a social friendly backyard to life we started preparations for a firepit using a matching stacked fieldstone pattern with an irregular fieldstone 4” cap. Constancy is key in these types of projects, therefore we included circular fieldstone edging set in mortar to better define the yard space. Upon further discussion with our clients, we decided on adding steps between the retaining walls and a corresponding concrete paver pathway. The results, as you can see, are stunning..

Fieldstone firepit with fieldstone edging

We decided on a fieldstone material to match their existing retaining wall and developed a two-tier system to control the flow of water across their yard to finally resolve their water problem. We added two retaining walls that feature weep holes and a French drain system to catch and divert water. Other solutions we employed based on-site needs and past experiences included masonry catch basins and mat drains among other additions to improve existing drainage system while maintaining the integrity and appearance of the construction area.. 

Fieldstone wall with cap

Driveway and fieldstone wall and concrete paver walkway
  • We were able to increase the effectiveness of their current drain system, transport potentially damaging
    water away from the garage, and add value back to the home by transforming their backyard into a
    courtyard. This couldn’t have been achieved without properly listening to the needs of our clients and
    professionally executing a plan based on their vision.
  • Please feel free to look at our project photos and message us with any questions regarding the products used or if you know of a friend or client that would benefit from our customer-driven approach.
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